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Pyunghwa Market, the oldest market in dongdaemun

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Pyunghwa Market

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Pyunghwa MarketPyunghwa Market [平和市場] was originally a market started by refugees who arrived from North Korea during the Korean War. Here, they sold clothes made from sewing machines in tents set up near Cheonggyecheon. The official starting date of Pyunghwa Market was February 1962 when a three-story concrete and steel building rose at 6-17 Euljiro Joon-gu, Seoul.After Pyunghwa Market became famous nationwide for affordable products, nearby buildings also used the word Pyunghwa (meaning “Peace”) in their names – hence the rise of Shin Pyunghwa Town, Dong Pyunghwa Fashion Town and Nam Pyunghwa Sanga. Currently, many sophisticated, high-rise clothing malls, including Doosan Tower and Miglioré comprise Dongdaemun Market.But Dongdaemun Market’s foundation is rooted in the humble foundation of Pyunghwa Market – an icon of modern Korea’s zero- to-hero economic rise.







Pyunghwa Market’s Used Bookstore Street

Pyunghwa Market’s first level of stores parallel to Cheonggyecheon make up a quaint street of used bookstores. At first, the small stores and stacks of books may look similar, but at closer inspection, every bookstore has its own unique characteristics. Some stores carry international books or fashion books; others specialize in Bibles, dictionaries, textbooks, children’s books or comic books. Hard-to-get editions of old best sellers or comic books are here for avid fans and collectors to discover.






The first floor of Pyunghwa Market is Dongdaemun Market’s main weekday market with variety of items. Many shops sell embroidery and seals. Vintage designers’ work, or fresh designs made on the spot with the latest embroidery machines, can be found by those with a good eye.





Ddaeggal Mark

Ddaeggal Mark has been in this location for over 30 years. It is well known among even the pickiest fashion industry pros for creating di cult designs of impeccable quality. This second-generation business is now shared with the owner’s son.




Pyunghwa Market 2F

Pyunghwa Market’s second floor is also a daytime market. Older buyers crowd the area around 2-3 PM. Visitors will spot buyers and sellers negotiating prices and helping one another coordinate out. Younger people can be spotted too - but usually to buy gifts for, or to accompany their parents. The older generation of shop owners has created a generous and friendly image here for years. We look forward to a new era of Pyunghwa Market being opened by the owners’ successors.









Hand written price tags by owners replace printed tags to create an old world ambiance. A sense of quirky friendliness is unique to this location.









Pyunghwa Market 1F Exit Alley

This alley is where Pyunghwa Market begins. Hats, accessories and trinkets laid out on the streets hark back to 1970~80s Korea. This quaint alley, with its old-style layout and signage, recalls warm memories of traditional markets.





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