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DFWM’s People DFWM Story Project, Meet the people of Dongdaemun

Choongshik Park, Fashion Wholesale Delivery Specialist

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 Dongdaemun Market comes alive after dark




When time is of no relevance




 At 1:30 am, Seoul city is asleep, but Dongdaemun Fashion Wholesale Market is getting busy.




Choongshik Park(25) Fashion Wholesale Delivery Specialist


"I feel most rewarded when retail customers come to trust my selection and when we receive additional orders saying there was good feedback. "




Is it strenuous? I’d be lying if I said it isn’t physically or mentally tiring at times. But I’m still young and healthy so I want to continue this work. It is my goal to build from this experience and create my own business!”




Photograph/Article via: AboutD Magazine No.1 SUMMER 2017

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